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AVEVE Biochem is part of the AVEVE Group. In Belgium, the AVEVE Group is the market leader in agriculture and horticulture. It also operates the largest garden centre chain of the country.

AVEVE Biochem is a technology oriented company expert in enzymes and microbial regulators for the animal nutrition industry belonging to the AVEVE Group, Belgium. Our mission is to develop, manufacture, and sell worldwide high quality biochemical specialties keeping strong focus on the needs of our customers in animal nutrition. Our customers are feed manufacturers, premix companies and larger self-mixing stock farms all over the world. Market prospection is done directly and through a network of highly qualified distributors. 

Our expertise in feed enzymes already dates back 30 years, being the first feed company that investigated the possibilities to use different types of enzymes (fiber degrading enzymes, protease, amylase, phytase, lipase, etc.) in animal nutrition. Today AVEVE Biochem is holder of registrations in Europe and many other countries worldwide. Also, the building of the knowledge related to microbial regulators (medium chain glycerides, essential oils, etc.) has started 20 years ago. 
Accelerated by the ban of antibiotic growth promoters and the reduction of therapeutic antibiotics use in Europe, AVEVE Biochem NV has an unique product portfolio. 

AVEVE Biochem offers two different product groups: 
AveMix® Enzymes 
AveMix® Microbial regulators 

In addition to these product groups, AVEVE Biochem also offers their customers feed formulation advice, known as AveMix® Services. 

Headquarters of AVEVE Biochem NV in Merksem, Belgium

AVEVE Biochem NV - Eugeen Meeusstraat 6, 2170 Merksem, Belgium - KBO 0521 849 211 - RPR Merksem
e-mail: avevebiochem@aveve.be - Tel.: +32 3 641 02 17