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Welcome to AVEVE Biochem NV

AVEVE Biochem is part of Group AVEVE, the leading feed and agricultural business in Belgium.

AVEVE Biochem has developed 3 major competences to benefit the feed industry:

  1. Enzymes
  2. Microbial Regulators 
  3. Feed formulation advice

In the enzyme business, AVEVE Biochem is the sole company to combine enzymes with feed formulation.

AVEVE Biochem, your partner for animal nutrition.


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Upcoming Events

SPACE 2017, September 12 - 15, Rennes, France

This year also, AVEVE Biochem will be present at SPACE 2017. Come and visit our company's booth and meet our lovely colleagues. 

Layer Feed Quality Conference 2017
October 16 - 17, Jakarta, Indonesia
October 19 - 20, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Our colleague Dr Hans Christoph Wagner will be speaking at the Layer Feed Qualtity Conference 2017 about selecting the right NSP-enzymes to reduce layer feed costs. For more info about the conference, click here.

Latest News

AVEVE Biochem is hiring!

To further expand its biochemical additives market AVEVE Biochem urgently wants to fill the position of AREA MANAGER SOUTH-EAST ASIA. Find more information on the position here.

Assessing the power of high dosing NSP enzymes

An article written by Kirsten De Keyser and Olivier Maigret of AVEVE Biochem, for the Feed Efficiency special of the magazine Poultry World. Find the full article here.

Jong bedrijf met lange geschiedenis

Een mooi artikel - geschreven door Jef Verhaeren - dat gepubliceerd werd in editie 16 van De Molenaar over zowel de geschiedenis, als het heden en de toekomst van AVEVE Biochem nv.

"AVEVE deed lange tijd onderzoek naar enzymen voor eigen gebruik. In 2013 is AVEVE Biochem opgericht als afzonderlijk bedrijf. Sindsdien doet het bedrijf onderzoek voor de hele sector. Bijvoorbeeld naar de herformulering op totaal eiwit en verteerbare aminozuren."

Lees het volledige artikel hier.

Complexes enzymatiques

Un article bref concernant notre participation pour les Innovation Award EuroTier 2016! 

"AVEVE Biochem NV, société du groupe Belge AVEVE, était cet année en lice pour les Innovation Award EuroTier 2016, avec AveMix 02CS et AveMix XG 10."

Lisez l'article complet ici.

A new dawn in enzymes

An article written by Dr. Erik Vanderbeke, Director of AVEVE Biochem, for the enzyme special of the magazine All About Feed. Find the full article here.

Low Salmonella gut scores with 6/8-glyceride

An article written by Goedele Buyens of AVEVE Biochem NV for the online magazine Pig Progress. Find the full article by clicking here.

New enzyme concepts for broiler nutrition

During the Poultry Focus 2016 in Bangkok, Dr. Erik Vanderbeke, R&D Director of AVEVE Biochem NV, gave a speech about new enzyme concepts for broiler nutrition. You can find his contribution to this congress by clicking here. If you wish to receive more information about this research, feel free to contact us

A combined strategy to reduce Salmonella in pigs

How to reduce Salmonella in pigs without the use of antibiotics? An article written by Leni Kuterna of AVEVE Biochem NV for the special edition of an All About Feed magazine: Pathogens & Prevention. Find the full article here.

Antimicrobial action of caproic acid (C6) ex vivo (E. Coli) and in vivo (LPS-challenge)

How to reduce worldwide piglet morbidity and mortality caused by Escherichia coli? A research by De Keyser K., Buyens G., Kuterna L. and Vanderbeke E. Find out more about it by clicking here.

Nile Tilapia to benefit from NSP-ases in diet

An article written by Leni Kuterna of AVEVE Biochem NV for the special edition of an All About Feed magazine: Feeding the farmed fish. Read the full article here.

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