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AVEVE Biochem has developed different AveMix® Enzyme concepts to target fibres in feeds for pigs and poultry. AveMix® NSP hydrolysing enzymes improve animal performances due to a higher digestibility of the feed. Addition of AveMix® Enzymes allows you to include high levels of raw materials (like corn, wheat, barley, rye, soy, tapioca, ...) in the feed.

Furthermore, high inclusion of by-products like rapeseed meal, copra meal, rice bran, palm kernel meal, ... has been validated.

AveMix® Enzymes are designed to your formulation needs. AveMix® Enzymes can be used:

  • 'On top' to gain the maximum performance enhancement
  • In a re-formulated feed to optimise cost and return

AVEVE Biochem can provide feed formulation evaluation and advice for an optimal enzyme composition, cost and return.

AveMix® XG 10 is a multi-enzyme concept with high glucanase and high xylanase activity and is specifically designed to break down NSP fibres in diets containing corn and cereals such as wheat, barley, triticale, rye, sorghum,...

AveMix® XG 10 is EU registered for all animal species (4a9).

AveMix® 02 CS is a highly active enzyme concept with high glucanase, high xylanase and high pectinase activity. AveMix® 02 CS increases flexibility in feed formulation since it allows a higher incorporation of by-products like DDGS, palm kernel meal, sunflower meal,...

AveMix® 02 CS is EU registered for use in weaned piglets (4a14). 

AveMix® Phytase (P5000 and P10000) is a naturally stable and highly effective 6-phytase from E. coli which breaks down indigestible phytate (phytic acid), present in all plant feed ingredients.



  pH influence on the activity of AveMix® Phytase

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