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As a division of the nº1 feed company in Belgium, AVEVE Biochem is a specialist in the area of biochemistry and enzyme technology through many years of experience and applied research in the feed sector.

Based on our know-how we can give advice, evaluate feed formulations, and provide tailor made recommendations for optimal enzyme composition and usage. Our experience also enables us to guide you in your search for an antibiotic free feed composition through recommendations for an optimal product application.

Reformulating your feeds with AveMix® Enzymes can result in significant savings on your feed formulation costs. Especially in the actual situation of high raw material prices. Aveve Biochem assists you in reformulating your feed with AveMix® Enzymes. Through this reformulation you will realize a decreased feed composition cost together with optimal animal performances.

AVEVE Biochem also offers specialised analysis of feed raw materials and feeds in combination with its AveMix® products.

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AVEVE Biochem NV - Eugeen Meeusstraat 6, 2170 Merksem, Belgium - KBO 0521 849 211 - RPR Merksem
e-mail: avevebiochem@aveve.be - Tel.: +32 3 641 02 17